Jeff’s introduction to the body came in the form of team sports. A two-sport athlete in basketball and football for 10 years, Jeff learnt valuable lessons in how to structure training between disciplines and the value of teamwork and collaboration. In 2012, Jeff was introduced to yoga as a compliment to his athletic training. Once his career in athletics came to an end, yoga became the spine of his practice and in 2015 he undertook his first teacher training and has been teaching yoga ever since. Six years of a daily yoga practice shifted Jeff’s perspective to the relationship of the body and the mind and the value of an inward practice but after all that time, Jeff discovered gaps in his physical practice. To address those gaps, Jeff undertook study in a variety of disciplines including gymnastics, dance and martial arts, which included study in the Ido Portal and Fighting Monkey Movement methods and three months in China studying the Wudang style of internal martial arts.


Currently based in Montreal, Jeff has taught internationally in Australia and Europe.  Drawing from all his experiences, Jeff brings a holistically minded approach to training and practice by uniting different approaches, perspectives and movement practices that are grounded in conscious movement He believes that a well-rounded practice should include not only the physical aspects of the body but also qualities that define us as humans such as creativity, expression and interaction with others. Students are encouraged to turn autopilot off, to think outside the box and to discover themselves through a sense of play.



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